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The Circular Economy’s Six ‘C’ Challenge

We talk about ‘sustainable’ but the reality and practice indicate otherwise. Still, lots to do in that department. This article adds logic and common sense to the challenges faced by day to day businesses.

Mark Cliffe

Why market forces alone won’t drive it

In a recent presentation to the Financial Services Forum I addressed the financing of the Circular Economy. A growing number of companies are beginning to acknowledge its potential to deliver sustainable development. But adopting its zero waste philosophy of reduce, reuse and recycle – what I called the ‘veganism of sustainability’ – is easier said than done. Why aren’t circular business models taking off faster? Market forces alone plainly aren’t enough. Here are the six ‘C’ challenges:

circular economy market forces

  1. Consumer demand. A vocal minority of consumers are advocates of sustainable living, but few are willing to pay up for it. Surveys show that few consumers are prepared to pay more for green products, let alone ones that embrace fully circular principles. And what they tell pollsters may overstate their real appetite to do so. Lack of accepted definitions and labelling of…

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